NC School Business Systems Modernization

ERP Contracts Awarded

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Pursuant to S.L. 2016-94, the NC State Board of Education and The Friday Institute will provide the School Business System Modernization Plan and supporting documents. Furthermore, NCDPI will issue an RFP for a modern ERP platform and services by October 2017. Planning and design for data integration services supporting reporting and a Licensure business process review begin promptly at program initiation.  ERP deployment is staged over 4 years, beginning in 2018.

The SBSM team is pleased to announce the LEA ERP Program Website is Live.  This site will be the main mechanism for keeping you updated as program activities take pace.

Here are some of the current sections:

  • Home – has information to help you understand next steps at a high level as well as vendor websites and product/price sheets so you can evaluate the offerings.
  • Background Information – get access to the original Business Systems Modernizations Plan and RFP documents.
  • Communications – documents, presentations, recorded webinars will all be found here.
  • Contacts – know whom to contact from the SBSM office or the vendors.
  • Events – find out about upcoming meetings, webinars, presentations, etc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – we will be documenting questions as they come to us.
  • Project Status – Program status reports will be posted as well as a map depicting the implementation rollout.


Also, as announced in our School Business Systems Modernization (SBSM) Webinars on Tuesday May 7th,, please find attached below the link to complete a readiness assessment survey.  This survey is being distributed to you as key individuals in North Carolina’s Local Education Agencies (LEA) and will be one important input to assist us in planning the rollout of new business systems for each of you that elect to participate in the School Business Systems Modernization program.

This feedback, combined with other factors like platform support and stability and risk, will be used in a prioritization rubric we will use for scheduling upgrades, as well as other preparatory work that can be accomplished in your LEA prior to migration.

We expect this survey to take less than an hour to complete and look forward to receiving your valuable input. The deadline to submit this report is June 1, 2019, so that we can begin planning as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Ron Townsend or myself (see below) if you have any questions or if we can assist you with any concerns.  Ron can be contacted at: Ron.Townsend@Dpi.NC.Gov or you can reach him directly on 919.807.3281.


Thanks in advance for your assistance and to quote Henry Ford:

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”