NC School Business Systems Modernization

SBSM Components

  • LEA and charter school enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms
  • State-level reporting (financial, HR, student information, etc.)
  • State-level licensure

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Priorities for FY2017-18

  • Establishing a program management office  (Complete)
  • Issuing an RFP for modern Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP platform and implementation services (Complete)
  • Planning, design, and implementation of data integration and advanced analytics services  (Complete)

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Pursuant to S.L. 2016-94, the NC State Board of Education and The Friday Institute will provide the School Business System Modernization Plan and supporting documents. Furthermore, NCDPI will issue an RFP for a modern ERP platform and services by October 2017. Planning and design for data integration services supporting reporting and a Licensure business process review begin promptly at program initiation.  ERP deployment is staged over 4 years, beginning in 2018.